Building A House – What To Expect: Benefits & Pros Of Building A Custom Home (part 1)

Considering if you should buy or build your own home? Wondering what to expect when building a custom home? In this 2-part series, we cover the Top 5 Pros and Cons of Building a House. In this first video, we share the top benefits, advantages and pros of new build homes.

We dive deeper into the key benefits of custom home building – including the ability to customize your home design and floor plans, advantages of a brand new home, ability to create a high efficiency home, incremental value you generate by building your own house, and how rewarding it is to live in a Dream Home you designed and built!

If you’ve ever wondered how to build a house, we are actually doing it again! We are building another new construction home – right across the street from our first custom home, and the new home is only going to get better! Subscribe to our channel to follow along our Dream Home building journey.

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